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GFS strives to improve conditions for students in various ways, mainly by offering students help and support within the social/socio-political arena.


Improving conditions for students

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Gothenburg Students Company Group (GSF)

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Five student unions


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About us

The Association of Student unions in Göteborg (GFS) is a non-profit organisation for the Student unions in Göteborg. An important part is to act for that Göteborg continuously develops as a major student city, together with the city, region and labour-market. GFS provide free legal advice for student union members, thorugh our Student lawyers.

Companies and partners

Student in Gothenburg


Student housing and economy

Read about the student accommodation companies and other tips for finding accommodation in Gothenburg. You can also find information about availabe financial support and scholarships.
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Spare time activities

Gothenburg is a city with a lot to offer students for their spare time. There is a lot going on outside of the universities, but there is also a big amount of student organizations for those who wish to experience a rich student life.
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Problems during your studies

Hopefully, you will not encounter any problems during your studies, but if you are unfortunate to do so, there is help to get. Here you can read about the most common problems, and where you can get help.
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Student union membership

There are four student unions at the University of Gothenburg and one at Chalmers University of Technology. As a student at the University of Gothenburg, membership in a student union is optional. However, at Chalmers membership is mandatory.
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