Spare time activities

Gothenburg supplies a rich social life besides studying. There are plenty of activities to take part in outside of the Universities as well as several student associations catering to the diverse aspects of a student’s life.

Cultural life

Kult gives out a monthly newsletter, informing students of discounts, social gatherings as well as the general cultural life of Gothenburg

Aside of the newsletter, Kult also informs members of student offers for events such as concerts and previews of theater shows, among others.

Would you like to receive these offers as well as the newsletter?
Sign up at Kult’s website.


Students can work out for discount prices at Fysiken – a company owned by the student unions. Fysiken has three facilities; Fysiken Kaserntorget in the middle of town, Fysiken Gibraltargatan in Johanneberg where we as only gym can offer ball games as well as Fysiken Klätterlabbet the new rock climbing center in Gothenburg. Fysiken supplies group training sessions and modern, well equipped gyms. Read more about Fysiken or watch their Youtube video.

Student union associations

There are student union associations touching on a wide variety of the aspects of student life! Talk to your your student union to get in contact with the associations of your choice. The associations supply activities ranging anywhere from dancing to political debate and a whole lot more. Every Student union have their own associations but many are open for all students.