Student lawyers

GFS Student Lawyers provide free advice on legal matters for students enrolled at Göteborg University and Chalmers. You have to be a member of a Student Union in order to receive help, so bring your receipt from your Student Union.

During your stay in Göteborg you might face situations where you need legal aid; you might have questions concerning living conditions, which rights you have against an employer or what rights obligations you have and have to follow during your time in Sweden. The Student Lawyers can answer these and many more questions.

The Student Lawyers are fourth-year graduate students at the Faculty of Law at Göteborg University.

 Address: Kungsgatan 11, 6th floor
Phone: 031-10 69 87
E-mail: studjur(at)
  • Drop-in reception hours:
    Wednesdays 15 – 18
  • Phone counselling:
    Wednesdays 15 – 18

Note! The student lawyers will only answer phone calls and e-mails during office hours on Wednesdays.

The student lawyers have closed for the summer and will be back the 7th of September!