Scholarships (RISH)

RISH, a scholarship foundation for foreign guest students

If you are enrolled in higher education in Gothenburg since at least one year, and are required to pay tuition fees, you may apply for a Rotary International Student House (RISH) scholarship of ca 10 000 SEK. This is awarded to 7-10 students per year. A board that includes representatives from Rotary and GFS decides which applicants are to be granted with a scholarship. The members of the board would like to receive applications from students at several different educational programs.


The board consists of a chairman and four additional members and two alternates. The chairman appointed by the Rotary District 2360, as well as two members and one alternate member. Two additional members and one alternate member are appointed by GFS.

The Foundation promotes its purpose by awarding grants.

1. How do I apply for a scholarship from RISH?

You apply for a scholarship from RISH by filling out the application form which can be found on the GFS website. The application, along with two letters of recommendation, shall be send to:

“RISH Scholarship Fund


Institutions & Foundations

405 04 Göteborg”

Your recommendation letters must be included in your application, otherwise it won’t be considered.

2. When is the deadline? 

Application deadline is October 6th every year.

3 How do I know if I get any scholarship from RISH? 

Anyone who receives a scholarship from RISH is informed about this via e-mail or letter. Notifications will last during the month of November. You will then receive scholarship amount deposited into your bank account. You will not get a notice if you do not receive a scholarship. If you receive a scholarship, you’ll also be invited to a simple ceremony at Rotary.

4. How to choose the Board of grantees? 

The Board appoints fellows for the following criteria:

a. You must study at University of Gothenburg or Chalmers

b. You will ideally have studied a whole year but at least one full semester

c. You should come from a country outside the EU and the Nordic countries

d. You may not be a Swedish citizen

e. You must not have permanent residence permit

b. You should have good study results

g. The Board has the ambition that the selection of grantees should reflect the breadth of higher education in Gothenburg and the large number of countries, the candidates come from.

The Board’s decision is final! 

If you have any questions please contact Christina Backman at