Companies and foundations


Göteborgs Studenters Företagsgrupp AB (The Company Group of Gothenburg Students) is a group that since the 1st of July 2006 is active through two subsidiaries: Fysiken Friskvård i Göteborg AB and Akademihälsan AB.

The group is fully owned by the student unions of Gothenburg through The Association of Student unions in Göteborg (GFS). The board of both companies and of the company group consists partially of student representatives.

Before the creation of the company group, the companies were ran within the perimeter of GFS. The GFS board of 05/06 decided to refine the work ogf GFS and the company goup was created as a result of this decision.

Since the spring of 2012 ther is an owner’s committee, which handles all questions concerning the companies, and co-pordinates the student representatives on the company boards. The owner’s committee consists of one representative from each student union.


Fysiken Friskvård focuses on health and training for students. Fysiken has five facilities spread across Gothenburg. You can read more about Fysiken at their home page.


The most important job for Akademihälsans is to provide healthcare for students at Chalmers Technical University and the University of Gothenburg. Students can turn to Akademihälsan with all health issues caused or worsened by their studies, such as stress and anxiety in association with exams, or ergonomical problems from sitting by the computer a lot.  Visit Akademihälsan’s home page for more information.

SGS Studentbostäder

Stiftelsen Göteborgs Studentbostäder (The Foundation for Student Housing in Gothenburg) was established in 1951 by the municipary of Gothenburg, GFS and the University of Gothenburg. SGS has approximately 7000 student accommodations in Gothenburg.


GFS and the University of Gothenburg founded Folkuniversitetet i Rehion Väst in 1941. Here, popilar adult education is conducted in 48 municiparies in the couties of Västra Götaland, Värmlands and parts of Halland. Folkuniversitetet also runs high schools in Karlstad, Trollhättan and Skövde. Folkuniversitetet is a vision driven organization, apart of political, religions, commersial and tade union interests.

The educational work has developed in close cooperation with the University of Gothenburg and GFS. Courses and educations are based on a scientific apporach. Though lectures, semiars, exhibitions and debates the interes tfor, knowledge about, research is encouraged.

Folkuniversitetet bears the stamp of the idea that knowledge and creativity better people’s conditions for a richer life. You can red more about Folkuniversitetet at their home page.

As a student representative for one of the student unions in Gothenburg, you have the possibility to take part in some of the courses given by Folkuniversitetet, for free! Follow the instructions here to apply!