Choosing to study in Gothenburg is expensive

23 February, 2015

In January 2015, the student loan was increased with 944 SEK. On the 17th of February, the Swedish National Union of Students (SFS) showed, in their Student Budget 2015, that students still can’t make ends meet. The Association of Student Unions in Gothenburg (GFS) are now, with the Annual Financial Statements of the Gothenburg Student 2015, able to show that it costs 713 SEK a month to choose to study in Gothenburg over the average Swedish city. In a year the difference is 8 556 SEK.

GFS has used the same sources for the annual financial statements as SFS has used for the student budget, except for apparent local differences. This comparison is made by GFS every year, and Gothenburg is consistently more expensive than average.

– In spite of the almost 1000 SEK monthly increase in student loans, the financial deficit of the Gothenburg student is not even decreased by 400 SEK. This makes it obvious that the student financial support doesn’t follow the trend of the market, says the president of GFS, Josefin Söderpalm.
– It is more expensive to live in a big city. If Gothenburg wants to build an education oriented city local efforts must be made to support the financial situation of the students, in order to attract new ones, states Henry Drefeldt, vice president of GFS.

GFS expresses concern for how the dire financial situation affects the students mentally and what consequences it has on the universities’ future ability to recruit new students. GFS also remarks that the increased student loans will lead to an added burden of debt for students. GFS is of the opinion that half of the student financial support should consist of subsidies rather than loans, since higher education is an investment that benefits society and should be treated as such.